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We are a group of experienced professional who has been working on several scenarios, from a sole proprietorship to a mid-size business.

We understand that most businesses can’t afford to have a full time IT person on their payroll, not because they do not need it or your business doesn’t require any technology at all, is the amount of work required is not enough to have a full-time position.

Cyber Security Services

Backup & Recovery Plan

Virus and Malware Removal

GDPR Compliance

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We make IT easy for you, with clean and precise information. Our commitment is to help you to protect and secure your assets. Stop worrying and focus your energy on your business.

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Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security is all about to protect and safeguard your digital assets against any type of hack. The human factor is the weakest link and most user behavior in the matter of passwords and access location, due to threats that can be found in suspicious emails. Our goal is to create awareness and reduce potentials risks while increasing the security company-wide.

Having a plan in place will help your company to stop threats before it starts.

Consultancy Services

Our team will work with you to set priorities to establish a better security and most important better practices, starting with basic principles such as password management, Internet browsing, email client management, Cloud Services and more.

We can’t guarantee that your company will be attack free, but we can assure you that the impact won’t be as hard as you weren’t prepared, having all this processes and procedures you will have an immediate action plan including disaster and recovery under the worst case scenario.

Backup & Recovery Plan

Time is precious and having a fast solution to return your company state to operational is worth every single penny, you don’t want to even know what loss of opportunity is especially with your business.

Full Availability, No Downtime

Ensure business continuity by recovering from a disaster in seconds or proactively avoiding downtime is what most businesses expect for. We will keep your business operation running by ensuring and reinforcing that your data is always available. Our solutions combine AI (Artificial Intelligence ) and ML-based (Machine Learning) technologies to defend your data from most attacks, almost with instant recoveries.

All these technologies will ensure avoid operational outages, loss of productivity and costly downtime caused by infections and recovery efforts.

Fast Backup

One of the most complex tasks is performing backups for non-stop business, but with current technologies, this is a matter from the past, new technologies increase the performance of your production systems, also save time and money by avoiding unnecessary disruptions using Universal Restore technologies. By performing frequent backups we will improve recovery points objectives (RPO).

Having deduplication in place will eliminate duplicate copies of repeating data which translate in savings by reducing storage and network load bandwidth costs, less data is transferred.

Today we are in the era of big data and the amount of data generated from a company is high and there are statistics that at least 75% of small to mid-size businesses admit that their data is not fully protected.

There are many scenarios that mention expensive storage and bandwidth backups that are not efficient and do not provide a fast solution, even having a fast network transferring Gigabytes will take some time and you need to consider this three main cases.

1. Having a computer environment to backup
2. Optimizing connectivity with remote users
3. Critical Application Servers
4. Compression and Encryption

All those will require computing resources and we will help you to find the best and suitable solution for your particular case, it’s very important to know what you have in place to better serve you.

Virus & Malware Removal

We have designed a solution that will suit your needs, always working in prevention in conjunction with self-paced training. Most malware infections are caused by not reading messages or notices. Also installing not original software and many other actions.

Remote Technical Services

We know that machines fail, not because they are not good or poor quality there are many aspects related to a computer system and external factors that can affect their performance and sometimes we are not fully aware, in most cases computer are similar to our vehicles, they need periodic maintenance and tune-up.

We know that this always is inconvenient when we need our resources to perform specific tasks or when we have an urgent matter.

Having that in mind we have created a plan that will help you stay covered, we will work highly on prevention and keep your system healthy and fully available when is required for your needs.

We also will create a recovery plan for your system planning for future undesired events, the whole point of having an IT buddy is to help you save time and money when the situation arises by having solutions at hand.

Virus & Malware

You can keep your system free of viruses and malware by participating in our included training session, you will learn key facts in how to avoid traps and scams from different internet software websites.

In most cases, all infections are caused by the user just because they have not understood what the system was asking or simply because they were working and wasn’t reading on-screen messages.

You will learn tips and tricks to keep your system safe and highly available.

GDPR Compliance for US Businesses

Companies are concerned with GDPR Compliance laws. Today US businesses are rushing to implement Data Protection Standards that are already in effect in other areas around the world.

Currently, we are living in a global society thanks to the Internet and worldwide platforms that allow websites to collect and process information. The European Union requires that our web presence creates a filter for 508 million potential visitors and many online services or SaaS companies can’t offer their services just by not being in compliance.

Domestic Responsability

Domestically we are responsible for user data protection regulation, under the Federal Trade Commission Act (15 U.S. Code 41 et seq.) The FTC is broadly empowered to bring enforcement actions to protect consumers against unfair or deceptive practices and to enforce federal privacy and data protection regulations. Jun 12, 2018

Data Protection Authority (DPA) U.S.A

There is no single regulatory authority dedicated to overseeing data protection law in the US. At the federal level, the regulatory authority responsible for oversight depends on the law or regulation in question. In the financial services context, for example, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and various financial services regulators (as well as state insurance regulators) have adopted standards pursuant to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB) that dictate how firms subject to their regulation may collect, use and disclose non-public personal information. Similarly, in the healthcare context, the Department of Health and Human Services is responsible for enforcement of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) against covered entities.

How to get in Compliance?

Here you will find 12 steps to prepare your organization to become GDPR Compliance, also our company can assist by becoming your Data Protection Officer (D.P.O).

Check 12 Steps to prepare your organization.

Read this article on Wired about what is GDPR and why you should care.

Texas Cyber Security Laws

The Texas Legislature considered and approved a variety of cybersecurity-related legislation during the 85th regular legislative session. Unless otherwise noted, each of the newly-enacted laws will go into effect on Sept. 1, 2017.

House Bill 8 by Rep. Giovanni Capriglione – “Texas Cybersecurity Act”

The Texas Cybersecurity Act establishes certain cybersecurity requirements for all state agencies in Texas, adds cybersecurity as an element of the sunset review process, creates a cybersecurity council, and requires that certain agencies conduct studies and reports related to cybersecurity threats and responses. House Speaker Joe Straus commented that the overarching goal of HB 8 is “to ensure state agencies are good stewards of private data.”

Website Maintenance

Having a website today is in a few words a 24/7 branch office of your business and who needs to maintained and most important be prepared for all shifting technologies and standards product of Internet evolution. Todays’ consumers are more demanding in what a website should offer and most important to be mobile friendly.

The Website complexity starts when there are in place different components who interact with your current sites such as payment gateways, pixels, customer management systems, social media elements and more.

Managed Hosting

Our engineers will help you to deal with your Hosting, Domain provider, and even Web Designers, there are many technical details involved on a website even the website itself some of them are developed by code or by using popular CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many other flavors. All those will be linked to additional services such as emails, file transfer protocols, programming languages, databases and secure server layer certificates (SSL).

Over the years we have dealt with many providers and we have a vast knowledge and assessment of most common problems, also laying best practices to ensure the best performance and reliability for your website and visitors.

We also execute backup and recovery plans, performing double backups from your site and performing daily scanners and adding additional security for your website, this ensures having double protection and will give you no downtimes.

Your website will be in knowledgeable hands.

Website Hacked

This is a common situation that is affecting today’s modern businesses and unfortunately, hosting providers are not proactive in extending security to their user content such as your website, and we really understand service providers and we know that are many tools and resources that encourage inexperienced people to create websites creating potentials risks for your web presence.

Many clients are being forwarded to hire a third-party professional service to restore their account or unblock their service, which comes out with high expenses for both sides because you have an inaccessible website that is causing you loss of opportunity plus the professional expenses to have your site restored.

In some cases, this suspension will affect your email communications because your hosting service is linked to your email service, this is why you need to address this matter as urgent and proactively, not doing something about it may cause harm to your business.

IT Training

During all these years we have developed a strategy of providing training to all our clients, this is proven to be a plus factor in letting know to your entire organization what a software tool are you using to protect your information, boost your productivity.

You can use this resources to be part of your new employee training process which will help you to reduce the learning curve and will be more accurate to learn about processes and procedures.

Platform Deployment

Based on your current IT infrastructure we will deliver a Learning Management System to run on your premises (Intranet) that match your environment (Physical or Virtualized), our goal is to facilitate the needed tools to perform and make available all your company wisdom and experience in the form of learning tutorials.

Course Creation

Our Design team can help you to craft multimedia learning resources and also provide training for your staff members to create content and materials, this will carry out two mission statements, the first one will be creating procedures in how to do a specific task with a software tool or in the field performing an activity. The second one will be creating a knowledge sharing culture in your organization on where all users will support other fellows members, this will be a win-win scenario.

This will help the entire organization to maximize productivity by using fully all the resources given, you will work smarter than harder. It may take a little extra time to learn and master those skills, but in the end, will benefit both (User and Company) by fulfilling assigned tasks with less effort.

External Training

We also offer this solution if your company can’t have this internally, we are part of a learning Community called Ulearn101 on where we develop all the materials and manage the platform with private access only to your desired staff members, respecting your privacy and confidentiality.

We know what empowering users to fully known your software resources and pertinent IT tools will benefit your business and reduce drastically technical support and assistance, that translate into higher productivity and efficiency.

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